Dynamic environments are here \o/

Until now, Bearer offered 3 fixed environments per application: Production, Staging, and Development. We have released a brand new method of environment management that is scalable, configurable, and dynamic!

  • There is now only one authentication key per Application
  • Auto-detection of env_variables.
  • Newly detected environments are created automatically.
  • By default, every new environment is active. You can change this to “disabled” by default in the settings.
  • Each environment can be activated or deactivated from the dashboard. It will disable all the agents that are associated with that environment.

To enjoy this new feature, you need to have at least Agent V3.0.0 and to update your agent's configuration. Legacy configuration and authentication keys are still valid. Migrate when you wish!

Check out our documentation to find the new settings:

You can find the new configuration in the Application’s General settings.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 09.38.44.png

Last but not least, there is a cool color picker. Choose the color scheme you fancy!

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 09.39.12.png